How often are Google Earth images updated?

Image dates vary from location to location; normally 3 to 4 years. You can find more information here – – about images.

How can I remove my home from Google Earth?

Google partners with third-party data providers all over the world to be able to bring you the satellite and aerial images you see in Google Earth. Google doesn’t control satellites nor take these pictures themselves.

The images included in Google Earth are images that you’d be able to see by flying over someone’s house, and are in general, publicly available. Moreover, Google doesn’t alter the content of images that we receive from third-party sources—Google won’t manually extract an image from what you see.

If you’d like to still pursue getting an image taken out of the satellite imagery, your best bet is to directly contact the data provider that has taken the image and let them know that there’s a problem. The data provider is listed on the copyright line in the Google Earth images (at the bottom center of the Google Earth image).